The New Obsession of French Wine China

16 janvier 2018 - 05:57

In 2004, the Bordeaux International Wine Institute offered training for business management in oenological arts and 20 students signed up. Fast forward to 10 years later, they had over 100 students. The main point is not the increase in students but the origin of those students. The first class was made up almost entirely of people from local French wineries but now, more than 30% are Chinese, the biggest ethnicity right behind the French.

The same thing is seen in the Dijon Burgundy Business School. Less than 10% of the class was Chinese but now, they graduate and average of 100 students where 33 are Chinese. Both culturally and economically, a huge part of French tradition has been French wine. However now, French wine China is quickly adapting this tradition as it is obvious through the increasing consumption rates.

Worries and Concerns

This development has not been completely welcomed by Frenchmen as oenology students from China were assaulted some years ago at a wine school. This attack was quite serious and had strong xenophobic qualities as some of the Chinese students even had to be hospitalized.

One of the major factors causing this problem is fear. A lot of people respect the centuries old tradition of French wine. China is a bigger country with a larger population and the fear is there will be an overshadowing of this French intoxicant China soon enough. These concerns are, however, misplaced. The obsession of French wine in china is actually very good for the French economy and will add huge cultural value to both cultures.


The wine-making tradition in china is already quite strong as some of the students coming to France already have their oenology bachelor degrees from China. Apart from educational expertise, a lot of Chinese people grew up selling wines at family shops or working on vineyards and have developed a wine culture. Most of the students have great plans after their education. They hope to take their newfound knowledge of French wine to china and do a lot with it. Some students intend to merge Chinese cuisine with French wine. China is also building a strong bi-national relationship with French through these students and their increased learning of French wine making. The respect of the French culture they carry through learning about wines will spread in China like it did in California when French wine making was imported around the 1950s and 1960s.

Another real gain for France is the strong economical value. China is still a huge importer of French wine with the famous Bordeaux red wines as an all time favorite. Even though some of this demand is now domestically met, China still imports a lot and is forming joint ventures with French wine companies.


Globalization is making changes on almost every industry and spreading cultures around the word. The Chinese obsession with French wine is just one of such changes. This advancement is good news for both cultures and their respective economies. China will not destroy French traditions, they can only help it. So now you can easily get the best French wine China anywhere you want.



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